Emotional Support for You

I’m Sarah and I’ll be your unswerving champion, fully present and totally focused on helping you make the changes you want to make. I’ll support you and I’ll challenge you and be absolutely truthful.

Sarah’s Story

Since 1994 I’ve provided emotional support to adults and children when they have been at their most vulnerable. I first worked with homeless teenagers because their stories resonated with me and I felt it was due to luck rather than judgement that I hadn’t ended up in the same situation.

 I started my own healing journey a few years earlier having feared for years that those around me would, eventually, realise I was mad and lock me away. I thought I was flawed and out of control, like some sort of monster who lost it, screaming and shouting when something angered me. Trying to act normal was exhausting and I wanted to give up.

What I discovered, when I found a very good therapist, is that although there isn’t an easy quick fix, there is a path to ever-increasing contentment and happiness for those willing to put the work in. The upside is the emotional strength gained from the journey. It’s a strength that those who haven’t had to struggle do not possess.

I live in lovely rural Suffolk, England, with my fabulous husband. I enjoy nature, dancing, finding ways to laugh at the things that stress me and experiencing joy in the small things.

Sarah’s Values & Beliefs

I value honesty and emotional truth telling above all else.

I believe that we all deserve to receive unconditional positive support, and with it you will be able to make positive changes to your life.

I believe in choice.

I value humour as a tool for change. When you can laugh at yourself it’s hard to stay angry or down for long.

I believe that personal development requires practice and dedication.

Sarah’s Approach

My mission, having walked this stony path, is to show you how to do this, no matter how long you’ve felt overwhelmed by negativity and fear.

Inner Child work, Thought Changes Records and the Grief Recovery Method, along with positive affirmations and grounding exercises are tools that I used, and still use, to make lifelong changes. 

I have an advanced DBS check and can provide references on request.

Don't Wait Any Longer

I'm holding a safe place for you!