Managing Anger


Anger is a healthy emotion when it’s in response to something bad that’s happened. It can motivate us to make changes or join a campaign.

But what if your anger is disproportionate to the trigger event? So you rage, shout, scream, throw things, punch a person, punch a wall (hurt yourself in the process), stab the cupboard,  or whatever it is you do. Then later you have a sense of how over the top that was in response to your partner spilling a drink, or your child breaking a cup.

You start to feel ashamed of how much you ‘lost it’. You may or may not apologise and may genuinely believe that you won’t respond like that again until you do. The cycle starts over.

Anger is an addictive emotion, it’s powerful and causes surges of adrenaline which over time become addictive at a physiological level.  It also becomes habitual to get angry and we know how hard it is to break habits and overcome addictions – but you can.

After raging you may feel ashamed or fear rejection.

My Own Anger

For 20 years I used rage to deal with any situation that I didn’t like. Although I had some insight into why I got so angry, that didn’t help me to stop. So, I just got extremely angry, shouted, screamed, smashed things and destroyed relationships.

Eventually, I found the right combination of self-help techniques and someone who gave me unswerving support to change. I can support you to untangle your anger, so you feel calmer and proud of how you handle difficult situations.


“Sarah enabled me to defuse a long-standing and bitterly corrosive anger towards someone who I felt had betrayed my trust. It’s helped me at last to find peace of mind and not fear losing control if I see this person again. Sarah has a way of making impossible things possible. She’s a real diamond.”

Mrs J, Suffolk

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Do you get angry with yourself?

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Do You Get Angry with YourselfIf you get angry and impatient with yourself, using harsh words towards yourself that you wouldn’t say to a good friend, it’s time to start improving your relationship with you.

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“Sarah, just to let you know that I had a six-month review at work today. They have no issues with me and I seemed to have ‘transformed’ into a happier more confident support worker. This is mostly down to your work. I cannot thank you enough and stress how important the work you do is. It’s been a hell of a ride digging up all my issues but if you deal with your fears you eventually become fearless, a quality essential in this line of work. Thank you.”

Mr A., Suffolk

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