Does Negative Self Talk make you angry with yourself? Worrying excessively about a future event? Are you creating negative scenarios about the outcome of this event? Do you sometimes become angry with yourself for not being able to deal with these issues without stressing yourself so much?

How negative self talk effects us…

Negative self talk saps our energy. It keeps us in a condition of worry and fear. On a physical level, it causes a flight/fright/freeze response.  This continually exhausts us and lowers our energy levels. We end up living with thoughts and visualisations which we simply don’t want.

Here are my tips to help you out of this cycle…

    • Practice thinking about all the possible positive outcomes to an event.  Try adding them to any scenario you find yourself creating.  This will take time to master.  Remember it will be worthwhile when you become unburdened from unwanted and exhausting thought patterns.
    • Question the evidence that you have about your worry. Has the thing that you are worried about happened to you before? Do you reasonably expect it to happen again?
    • Remember that you have choices.

Challenge your negative thoughts

Working on your emotional intelligence will included challenging your negative thoughts.  It will give you the confidence to cope with whatever the outcome is.   You may, of course, conclude that you need to make a positive choice for yourself and take a step back from the situation and do something different.

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If you get angry and impatient with yourself, using harsh words towards yourself that you wouldn’t say to a good friend, it’s time to start improving your relationship with you.

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