Have you experienced mid-life rage? A fall in your levels of tolerance and rise in your levels of rage as you have become older? Victoria Lambert in her article ‘The rise of mid-life rage – and how I got it under control’ cites some examples which you might recognise including a woman who unleashed “a tirade of bile” at a nearby dog walker while out riding, even though the dog hadn’t done anything wrong.

Does the “tirade of bile” sound familiar? Have you felt rage recently even though it’s not something you’ve experienced before…or not since you were a teenager?

There have been many theories as to why this might come about…changes in hormones…facing up to our limitations as we get older…re-evaluation of how we are spending our lives… ongoing caring responsibilities as well as holding down a job.

If you recognise yourself here, my tip for you to start to get control back is to spend 20 minutes a day, on your own (and without a screen close by) acknowledging the simple things in life which you are grateful for…. your health, the sunshine, a roof over your head, the birdsong in your garden. When you contact your inner self and focus on what you have, you’ll experience gratitude. You’ll also notice when there is very little joy in your life, which is a reminder that things may need to change.

So, whatever your week holds, remember to do some things just for you, be kind to yourself. You deserve joy.

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