Feeling overwhelmed by paperwork following a life changing event?

I offer a fully confidential paperwork service in your home*, to help you understand what needs to be done and practical help with correspondence and telephone calls. Each situation is different, and I will tailor my service to your needs.

First of all I will visit you to find out what you would like me to deal with.

​I know that allowing someone into your home can be daunting in itself so I’m very happy to meet you, your family and friends to ensure you feel comfortable with me. Or you and your family or friends can interview me before I visit you.

​I will suggest a straightforward approach to your situation and explain how we can tackle it together

*This service is available in Suffolk and Essex, England.

Bereavement Paperwork Service

“I was a bit skeptical when a friend recommended Sarah to me, but when she visited me I knew immediately that she was amazing. Having her help has lifted a huge burden from me. She is extremely efficient, thorough and caring, and has just the right balance of assertiveness and understanding when dealing with agencies. She is very focused on what needs to be done, and when she does those things I get the genuine feeling of her wanting to help rather than it being just a job. In all the time she’s been working with me there is not one occasion when things haven’t been done that she said she would do.

I would say Sarah is a highly trustworthy person, with the perfect skills and knowledge for the service she provides and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Mr Price, Suffolk

Key Paperwork Services

For instance, I could help you with the paperwork and to communicate with all the organisations you might need to deal with, including:

funeral services

tax office

utility companies

banks & building societies



pension providers

benefits agencies

I will also…


Gather the information you need so you can make informed choices


Help you to gather all the paperwork your solicitor will need to apply for probate


Set up a filing system, paper or online, that helps you take control of your finances


Help you to maximise your income by applying for any benefits or discounts you are entitled to


Make telephone calls on your behalf


Accompany you to appointments as your advocate

“I enlisted the help of Sarah Jones at a difficult time when demands of personal administration were becoming overwhelming coupled with challenging full time work and lone parenthood.  Sarah treated me kindly, sensitively, dealt with organisations efficiently and assertively filling me with confidence that the issues would be dealt with – as they were.  I was full of admiration for the way with which she was able to break down what, for me, seemed insurmountable into tangible and achievable tasks – which she then completed.  It relieved me of a huge amount of stress – she was like a fairy godmother!  What is really unique about Sarah is that at no point did I feel incompetent as a result of needing support as she is so empathetic and understanding.   Worth every penny.”

Mrs James, Suffolk

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