Supporting Self-Help

Supporting self-help


Do you read self -help books, find a self-help tool that really works and think “Excellent, I can move forward now”, but then the tool seems to lose its power and you go back to your default position, your original negative thought patterns that do not serve you well? Thinking “It doesn’t work, it’s too hard, I’ll never make the changes?”

To increase our emotional wellbeing, we need to constantly practice using the tools and techniques that resonate with us. We can make big life changes but it’s really hard to keep doing that alone.

If you would like support to keep you motivated and to find the best techniques for you, we can work together weekly, monthly, occasionally – whatever suits you best. Whether we meet in person or on video call, I’ll hold a safe space for you, where you are totally valued.

Supporting self-help

“Sarah, you’ve helped me start living my life peacefully and with far less emotional turmoil and pain.
I can’t thank you enough.”

Ms C., Essex

Self-help can change your life, but it’s hard work on your own.


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Supporting you to use self helps tools that resonate with you.

£70 single session / Discounts for multiple sessions
Video call via Zoom

1 hr | £70 single session

Cancellation Policy: 

Single sessions: Sessions may be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to your appointment using the confirmation email or the reminder email, both have links near the bottom to do this. Or email me at Sessions cannot be rescheduled less than 24 hours before your appointment. Should you miss your appointment entirely, it will be lost.

Package of support: I understand that life throws us situations we cannot avoid, so three reschedules are included in your plan. Paid sessions are non-refundable but may be rescheduled within the time frame of the package, so if you book 3 sessions you have to use them within 3 months, 6 sessions = 6 months. I am unable to make exceptions to this policy as that wouldn’t be fair to those who honour it. Please book accordingly as no refunds will be issued. Thank you. Sessions cannot be transferred or sold to another person. 

“Sarah, just to let you know that I had a six-month review at work today. They have no issues with me and I seemed to have ‘transformed’ into a happier more confident support worker. This is mostly down to your work. I cannot thank you enough and stress how important the work you do is. It’s been a hell of a ride digging up all my issues but if you deal with your fears you eventually become fearless, a quality essential in this line of work. Thank you.”

Mr A., Suffolk

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