Emotions Coaching

Emotions Coaching


Whether you feel overwhelmed by anger, grief, low self-worth or any emotion that is having a damaging effect on your life, you can change how you feel.

When you start practising new ways of dealing with situations, you’ll build your resilience, so you bounce back quicker when life doesn’t go to plan.

While you work through difficult emotions, I will support you and hold a safe space for you to work in. I will support you to develop the emotional skills you already have and introduce you to new ways of thinking that lead to contentment.

My coaching draws from psychologically-grounded coaching frameworks, philosophies and techniques such as Person-Centred Theory, Solution-Focused Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Choice Theory and Mindfulness.

My specialist areas are anger and grief.

Emotions Coaching

“You’ve helped me start living my life peacefully and with far less emotional turmoil and pain.
I can’t thank you enough.”

Ms C., Essex

Emotional intelligence


Would you like to develop your emotional intelligence to increase your wellbeing?  When you regularly take time to work on your emotions – whether by using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques, Choice Theory, mindfulness or anything else that works for you – you’ll increase your emotional intelligence. This changes how you see situations and allows you to react differently.

There’s lots of information online but I really like Dr Travis Bradberry’s: 18 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

​By identifying which aspects of your emotional intelligence you want to develop, we can work out what the barriers are and then you can start practising.

I’ll help you find your barriers and your own solutions. Together we can identify which self-help tools to use to make the emotional changes you wish for. If you put in the effort to emotionally engage, you will see a difference.

Contact me if you would like to find out more or book a session. I look forward to working with you.

“Sarah enabled me to defuse a long-standing and bitterly corrosive anger towards someone who I felt had betrayed my trust. It’s helped me at last to find peace of mind and not fear losing control if I see this person again. Sarah has a way of making impossible things possible. She’s a real diamond.”

Ms J., Suffolk

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