Does your anger make you irritated, annoyed or stressed quickly and often? Do you need to get up, move around and maybe get some fresh air? Perhaps spending time in nature would help.

Wood Bathing

Have you heard of ‘wood bathing’? This was developed in Japan in the 1980’s where the physical and emotional health benefits of spending time in the woods is appreciated. Research indicates that a couple of hours of ‘wood bathing’ can lower blood pressure and reduce the stress hormone Cortisol as well as improving concentration.

UK GP’s are now being urged to prescribe walking in the woods to patients who are suffering from anxiety and depression. But you don’t need to wait for time in nature to be prescribed to you.

Walk in the Woods

My tip for you is to set aside some you time and pay a visit to your nearest woodland. I’m including a link to the woodland trust to help find a walk convenient for you. Use your time to engage all of your senses; feel different types of bark, listen to the birds singing, branches rubbing together in the wind and the rustle of leaves. What can you smell? You might even find a few blackberries to eat! Take long, deep breaths in (count 4 seconds) and slowly breath out (count 6 seconds). Notice the textures and colours under your feet and above your head.

Before you go for a walk in the woods, ask yourself where your stress or irritability levels are on a scale of 1 to 10. Then notice where those levels are when you finish your walk. How much better do you feel?

Try making time to immerse yourself in nature a priority – it’s hard to remain stressed and angry when you do!

Here is the Link to the Woodland Trust


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