Why is it so hard to be motivated to change how we feel?

Are you motivated to change your life? I’m guessing you know why you get anxious or angry and are motivated to try to stop.  You probably have an understanding of what your issues are and why your self-esteem is low.  Hopefully you are already motivated to have developed some strategies for dealing with them.   I’m guessing you’ve already made some (or a lot) of positive changes in your life. However, you get frustrated because, at times, you return to those old behaviours and old thinking patterns.  These are not serving you well anymore. 

Be motivated to change your thinking

This is what I call default thinking.  It’s how you used to think before you learnt those new skills. I understand that it is so frustrating when something pushes your buttons and it pushes you into behaving in those old ways.   You forget that you were motivated to have new thinking habits. Remember that you have ways in which you can help yourself – to remove yourself from triggering situations.

I want to motivate you to keep moving back to a positive way of thinking.  To accept that it’s a lifetime’s work to change the way you think and the way you feel. 

If you keep practicing these new skills and learn new techniques along the way, you will continue to make positive changes to your life. You will have more of the things that you want in your life. So, you’ll maybe feel more contented. You’ll feel worthy. And you’ll absolutely know that you deserve to be loved. These rewards will encourage you to keep on practicing. 

Practice, practice, practice to change your life. 

If you’re happy to accept that this is a lifetime’s work, you will stay motivated to keep learning and practicing new skills. In my humble experience it is a lifetime’s work – I’ve been on this path for 25 years and my life has changed immeasurably, but I still have to apply my learning when something pushes my button.  I still have to challenge myself. ‘Stop it, Sarah, you’re catastrophizing’ or doing whatever it is that I know will very quickly lead to me feeling low or angry or worthless. 

I have to remind myself to use whichever self help tool I know helps me in these situations. So I’m going to encourage you to come on the journey with me. Be motivated by things you want in your life. Keep on doing the work to make those changes.

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